Country Rock

Faith & Rye is a high-energy Blues-infused Country Rock songwriter duo based in North Texas.  Faith  delivers inspiring and soaring vocals with lots of blue notes while Ryan supplies harmonies, instruments, music direction and occasional lead vocals. If Linda Ronstadt joined the Eagles, added some blues and brought it forward, it might sound like this, but you'll also hear influences of modern acts like Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town, and Lady Antebellum.


 Faith is a rising songwriter with a taste for traditional melodies and an intricate delivery of Blues, Country and Rock music. Her interest in horses, dogs, and other animals led her into pre-veterinary studies for the last few years. She switched to accounting when her empathy made her want to adopt every animal she could. "I'm afraid I would be giving away all my services, and bringing all the un-cared-for animals home to live with me," she says.


 Music veteran Ryan is a former Columbia/Screen Gems Music songwriter, who brings a wealth of technical expertise and musical prowess to the team. "Faith is an 'old soul' when it comes to her musical taste, and I'm extremely immature, so it all works out," says Ryan. He's also an animal-lover, and currently hangs with his Corgi-buddy, Brenna, and a Papillon mix, Finley. 

Faith & Rye Promo

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